Warning note

Hazard identification:
According to the Global Harmonized System (GHS), all of our all-natural essential oils, essential oils, are declared in accordance with CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT.
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Warning note:
Magic of Brighid glass candles.

Short the wick to half a cm in length,
so that the flame does not get too big.
Then add about 9 drops of the associated special magic oil
Magic of Brighid, made with natural essential oils
after the planet was established and consecrated,
in the Magic of Brighid glass candle,
but not directly on the wick.
Only now do you light the candle.
Watch out!
Never pour the oil into the burning candle,
because the oils are easily flammable.
Please also make sure that there is nothing flammable near the candle,
and that the candle is unreachable for children and pets.
Recommended, for example, the bathroom, where it in my opinion
best burn off unattended.
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Warn notes application candles.
A candle flame is often underestimated.
It is however an open fire,
which can trigger a fire in careless use.
Please note the following warnings for handling burning candles:
1 Never leave the candle unattended.
2 The wick of the candle should be no more than one centimeter long.
3 Be sure to remove the label of the candle before burning it.
4 Never use the candle with the window open and never near flammable objects
  (eg curtains) to burn.
5 The candle must be vertical, preferably in a suitable container,
  a matching candlestick or tea light in appropriate containers.
6 Keep the candle away from children or pets.
  Burning candles do not have to heat each other
  stand at least ten inches apart.
7 Protect the candle from heat (eg heating) and sunlight.
8 Do not blow out the candle, but set it up for safety
  delete with a candle extinguisher.
9 Place the candle on a non-flammable plate.

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Candle information Product liability law.
Raw material of our most candles is stearin, made from vegetable fats.
Our candles are made according to our manufacturers mostly from soybean oil or coconut fat.
The melting range of stearin is between 55 and 70 ° C, depending on the composition.
Soy wax is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
It not only burns evenly, but also slower.
In a reliable international study from the year 2007
Candles from all important candle waxes were tested and their combustion products
examined for more than 300 relevant substances.
The study has clearly shown that the candles from all waxes burn clean and safe
and compared with each other show no significant differences in burning behavior.
The products of combustion of the different candles are in composition
and concentration are almost identical and are very far below
the strictest applicable interior guidance and thresholds worldwide.
Candles can continue to be used as atmospheric illumination
without any detriment to health.
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Warnings for the consumer
Safety of candles through
Symbols of product safety marking
Sources Info Link:

Dealer liability for omitted product identification.
Note: the use of notes in both German and English
if the candle is to be distributed in several European countries.
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Product Liability Act (ProdHaftG) Info Info Link:
Warnings can be found under Customer Info Download (Infos PDF Labels)


Warnings glass balls.
Attention! Do not leave glass balls in the sun:
There is a high risk of fire!
Do not put on the window burning glass effect causes room burn.

Camphor Natural (Cinnamomum camphora)
Do not use internally in small doses NON FOOD!
Please note.
Legal warnings Link:


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