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If you order by 10.00 o'clock in the morning
more than 95% of all orders are from the standard assortment
shippable at the same day, reserved for sale.
Shipping days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Delivery is on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday.

U.S.A. Current information on the corona virus:
The shipping of small parcels to the USA will no longer be offered until further notice.

Parcel shipping is available for private customers until further notice
only available in conjunction with the "Premium" service.
Please inform yourself about possible effects on international shipping
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is still there for you!
Dear customers,
the rapid spread of the new Corona virus (COVID-19)
has reached many areas of public life
and presents each of us with massive challenges,
some EU distributors. DHL / UPS warehouses are affected.
Protect the package from the Corona virus:
Keep your distance, avoid contact, wash your hands,
this is how citizens should protect themselves from a corona infection.
We would therefore like to inform you today:
That we are still there for you as usual!
All employees of our company, from the administration
to our warehouse, are informed and trained
and work hard to give you the usual service
to be able to offer in full.
Our online shop is still available for you:
Simple, comfortable and safe.
Our customer service works with great commitment to
Help you with questions as quickly and easily as possible.
Please understand that your requests may be
can only be processed with a time delay.
Together with you we will do everything
to master the coming weeks and months,
to emerge strengthened from them at best.

Our minimum order value is € 50.00 Orders below this amount will not be processed.

Shipping cost Europe more secure shipment with UPS

Outside Germany
is the cash on delivery not possible.
Please pay in this case by Paypal, credit card or prepayment

Shipping costs also include
Cartons and filling material
Our filling material Flo Pak Green
is made of 100% recycled material.
Everything in the green area.
Filling material is necessary
so that your goods arrive undamaged at the recipient.
Then everything is in the green.
That's especially true then
if you use these green flo-pak packaging chips for cushioning.
Because it doesn´t let you send your products safely

but also very environment friendly.
Resource-saving production and environment friendly disposal
The green chips are made of 100% recycled, expanded polystyrene (EPS).
This saves valuable resources and helps
to reduce the ever-increasing amounts of waste to landfills.
The filling material is then reusable up to 10 times
and even fully recyclable.
Alternatively, the chips can also be easily disposed of in the biowaste bin,
because the environment friendly material is degraded within
from 9 to 60 months to carbon dioxide,
water and humus  -
without leaving  heavy metal residues or chemical substances.

Is also suitable for export import to USA and worldwide.
Sources Link:

Prices of UPS.

A - B - CZ - DK - F - L - NL - PO
up to  5 Kg -------------------- 16,90 EUR
up to 10 Kg -------------------- 19,50 EUR              
up to 15 Kg -------------------- 22,50 EUR
up to 20 Kg -------------------- 25,90 EUR              
up to 25 Kg -------------------- 27,50 EUR
up to 30 Kg -------------------- 30,50 EUR

E – GB – I -  S - SK - SLO
up to  5 Kg -------------------- 21,90 EUR
up to 10 Kg -------------------- 24,50 EUR              
up to 15 Kg -------------------- 27,50 EUR
up to 20 Kg -------------------- 29,90 EUR              
up to 25 Kg -------------------- 34,50 EUR
up to 30 Kg -------------------- 39,50 EUR

BG - EST - FIN - GR - H - IR - LT - LV - P - RO
up to   5 Kg -------------------- 22,90 EUR
up to 10 Kg -------------------- 25,90 EUR              
up to 15 Kg -------------------- 29,50 EUR
up to 20 Kg -------------------- 31,90 EUR              
up to 25 Kg -------------------- 36,50 EUR
up to 30 Kg -------------------- 41,90 EUR

CH – N
(including customs)

 up to   5 Kg ------------------- 38,00 EUR
 up to 10 Kg ------------------- 43,00 EUR
 up to 15 Kg ------------------- 49,00 EUR
 up to 20 Kg ------------------- 59,00 EUR
 up to 25 Kg ------------------- 67,00 EUR
 up to 30 Kg ------------------- 76,00 EUR

How many pallets fit in a container?
When transporting with containers, the consignors repeatedly ask the question
how many pallets fit in such one.
There are two variables to consider:
The inside dimensions of the containerThe external dimensions of the pallet
We will not just show you how to correctly calculate the number of pallet slots
and make the most of the floor space in the container,
but also an overview of common stowage plans.

The different container types
As a rule, goods are transported on pallets in standard containers.
These are the so-called 20 foot containers, 40 feet containers and 45 feet containers.
The "foot" indication always refers to the length of the overseas container,
the width is always the same.
Since the standard containers, unlike the truck, are not designed for Euro pallets,
There are the so-called inland containers for the European market.
In the containers marked with the PW (Pallet Wide) label
Two Euro pallets can be placed side by side to save space.
The term HC stands for high-cube containers.
These have a height of 2,896 m instead of the 2,591 m of standard containers.
Table with container dimensions

Container inside dimension
20 feet..........length 5,898 m x width 2,352 m
40 feet..........length 2.032 m x width 2.352 m
45 feet HC....length 13.556 m x width 2.352 m
45 feet PW...length 13.556 m x width 2.438 m
53 feet HC... length 16.002 m x width 2.515 m

Calculate number of pallets in the container
Here we show you a small overview of software
for storage space planning or container loading.
This work partly with a 3D visualization,
which makes the planning very clear.
Cape Truckfill
The list does not claim to be exhaustive.
The individual programs were not tested by us.
See also Freight Calculator Link:


to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Shipping cost

CalculationTotal price
to 2,00 KG37,00 EUR
from 2,00 to 5,00 KG47,00 EUR
from 5,00 to 10,00 KG56,00 EUR
from 10,00 to 20,00 KG86,00 EUR
from 20,00 to 31,50 KG116,00 EUR
from 31,50 to 36,50 KG157,00 EUR
from 36,50 to 41,50 KG172,00 EUR
from 41,50 to 51,50 KG202,00 EUR
from 51,50 to 63,00 KG232,00 EUR
from 63,00 to 68,00 KG273,00 EUR
from 68,00 to 73,00 KG288,00 EUR
from 73,00 to 83,00 KG318,00 EUR
from 83,00 to 94,50 KG348,00 EUR
from 94,50 KG- No Shipping -