Full Moon Holy water, Witches Protection spells

Full Moon Holy water, Witches Protection spells

3954 Holy Water
Holy Water is consecrated water and is mainly used for blessings,
Purification, healing, and protection from evil are used.
The water molecules of the spring water change,
because they were exposed to positive energy and the light
of the full moon.
You save it and pass it on to the user if necessary.
These energies make our Holy Water so powerful and effective.
Holy Water is water consecrated to the divine
and should be treated with respect.
So never pour it down the drain, give it
if you want to dispose of it, return to earth. Contents: 50 ml

Vollmond Hexen Weihwasser Schutzzauber

Holy water European folk magic:
Voodoo hoodoo.
Become Louisianas in the Voodoo Hoodoo
African spirits venerated in images of Catholic saints.
The prayers used in the rituals
are of Christian origin
and apparently pagan acts such as
sweeping away sicknesses with rituals
and the use of holy water
were also in the European
Popular medicine widespread.


Full Moon Holy water Witches Protection spells

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