Holy Water 50 ml

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Holy Water is consecrated water and is mainly used for blessings, cleansing, healing, and protection from evil. The water molecules of the spring water change because they have been exposed to positive energy and the light of the full moon. You save it and pass it on to the user if necessary. These energies make our Holy Water so powerful and effective.

Holy Water is water consecrated to the divine and should be treated with respect.

Therefore, never pour it down the drain, but give it back to the earth when you want to dispose of it.

Contents: 50 ml

pure hydrosol of Rosa damascena (Bulgaria)

Is used to purify people and objects and has an energizing and liberating. The voodoo is used rose water to get into the mind of clarity and for the harmonization of body, mind and soul.

Even for love spells of all kinds, it is used to perfume and you can order to enhance sex appeal. It is used for bathing water to sprinkle persons for love and other rituals. Some of it into the water or flush in the corners of rooms distributed away negative energies and create a harmonious, loving atmosphere.


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