Witch Box Starter Set

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Witch Box Starter Set

Witch box made of hard cardboard with everything that expectant witches or magicians need. Ideal for the first rituals, because it contains everything you need for a simple ritual.

Included are:

1 white altar cloth
1 wand to draw the protective circle
1 packet of sandalwood incense sticks for the element of fire
1 packet of white sage for the cleansing of the home
1 shell for the element of water and for incense burning
1 incense stick holder pentagram
1 turkey feather for the element air
1 rock crystal for the element earth
4 different colored ribbons for knot spells
1 pendulum

And a witch primer in which the following is described (in german only):

What witches do and don't do
How magic works
Magic at new moon
Magic at waxing moon
Magic at full moon
Magic at waning moon
The elements and their analogies
How to build and prepare the altar
Consecration of the altar
Meaning of the witchcraft tools contained in the Witchbox
Incense - effect and application
Cleaning the house
Knot magic
The use of the pendulum
Talismans - Amulets
Consecration of an amulet or a talisman
Simple single ritual
The 8 witch festivals

Dimensions 22.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 6.5 cm


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