Rose of Jericho Bag with 250 g

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Rose of Jericho
This plant is said to bring luck and blessings into the house. It has such vitality that it never dies. It would be hard to believe when you hold this withered ball in your hands that a little water, whether cold, warm or boiling hot (which no other plant would survive) will bring it back to life in a short time. Slowly it opens and becomes greener and greener from the centre until in a few hours it has fully unfolded in rich green. No wonder that this plant is also said to have healing powers if you drink the water from it, use it for bathing or for compresses. The rose of Jericho is a desert plant and therefore manages without soil and, for a very long time, without water. To witness this spectacle, water the plant with water and wait until it is completely green, then take it out of the water, put it on a plate and pour fresh tap water into it every day. After a week, you must then let the rose dry out completely again in a dry, warm place. A few days later you can experience this miracle again, as often as you like. When completely dry, you can also put it in the cupboard to keep moths away. In the past, the Rose of Jericho was passed down from generation to generation.


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