The 13 witches Full Moons and their counterparts

The 13 witches Full Moons and their counterparts

Instructions book full moon rituals ISBN: 9783934978164 eBook Link:

Available only in German language.

Disponible uniquement en langue allemande.

Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca.

Die 13 Hexen Vollmonde Baby Witch tips

Workbook with step-by-step instructions for the 13 full moons
The full moon has always cast a spell over people and, above all, those who work magically.
During the Esbats, the full moon rituals, the power of the moon
as I call her, which is strongest at this time, recorded,
in order to have positive effects with this energy.
I use this energy and the powers of the individual zodiac signs,
in which the sun is on this full moon to shape my personality.
In short, to work on myself
by trying a few of the good features
to adopt this star sign.
Magical work is then done with the opposite star sign,
for that is the sign in which the moon stands.
This is all detailed within the 13 completed full moon rituals.
I start the annual cycle on March 21st, the day of the spring equinox,
the birth of nature, and the ram also represents the birth,
just like the fish symbolize death.
What happens in such a moon of the plant
corresponds to seven years in a person's life.
About this seven-year human rhythm
compared to the life of the plant and the development of nature
you will learn more in the course of this book.
So have fun and lots of new discoveries while celebrating the full moons!

Die 13 Hexen Vollmonde Baby Witch tips

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11009  Full moon rituals. Workbook with step by step instructions
for the 13 full moons
Only available in German.
Available only in German language.
Available uniquement en langue allemande.
Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca.

Text excerpt from 4 books.
Instruction book full moon rituals ISBN: 9783934978164
HEXEN WERK ISBN: 978-3-934978-22-5
My Book of Shadows ISBN: 9783934978171
My Book of Shadows Exclusive Edition ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8
Working with the forces of nature
The instructions in these books
have been developed and practiced with the greatest care.
Book of Shadows Exclusive Edition Antique in German Video

hexenbuch vollmond rituale

These full moons are said to be based on ancient Celtic traditions
go back from medieval England.

January: Wolf's moon (Wolf Moon)
Hard moon, ice moon
The freezing cold moon
Full moon in Leo
Rituals: passion, sex, family planning

February: Storm Moon
Hornung, snow moon
Melting Snow Moon
Full moon in Virgo
Rituals: healing, health, wellbeing
Imbolc Witches Ritual

March: Chaste Moon
Sugar moon, Lenz moon, worm moon, syrup moon
The moon of the violent winds
Full moon in Libra
Rituals: love, marriage, partnership, harmony, sympathy
Ostara witches ritual March 21st
Spring Equinox

April: Seed Moon
Easter moon, grass moon, pink moon
Moon of the awakening trees
Full moon in Scorpio
Rituals: protection, defense, love, sex, procreation
Beltane Ritual Moon Ritual April 30th to May 1st

May: Hare Moon
Flower moon, bliss moon, milk moon
Moon of beautiful flowers
Full moon in Sagittarius
Rituals: journey, beginning, charity

June: Two Unity Moon (Dyad Moon)
Strawberry moon, honey moon, rose moon, brach moon
Long days moon
Full moon in Capricorn
Rituals: banishing evil spells
and magical attacks
Litha Ritual June 21st Summer Solstice Kupala

July: Honey Wine Moon (Mead Moon)
Hay moon, thunder moon, buck moon, sun moon
Moon of the powerful sun
Full moon in Aquarius
Rituals: mystery, mysticism, creativity
Lughnasadh Lammas ritual August 1st reaper feast

August: Doom Moon (Word Moon)
Harvest moon, fruit moon, red moon
Ripe grain moon
Full moon in Pisces
Rituals: dreams, subconscious

September: Harvest Moon
Autumn moon, angel moon, corn moon, hunting moon
Abundant harvest moon
Full moon in Aries
Rituals: protection, courage
Mabon ritual September 21 Equinox

October: Blood Moon
Wine moon, travel moon, dying moon
Colorful leaves moon
Full moon in Taurus
Rituals: prosperity, wealth, finance, profession
Samhain ritual October 31 to November 1
Dead rituals Halloween

November: Snow moon (fog moon)
Fog moon, beaver moon, frost moon, mourning moon
Moon of the ascending fog
Full moon in Gemini
Rituals: wishes, clairvoyance, astral wandering

December: Oak Moon
Cold moon, Yule moon, healing moon
Long nights moon
Full moon in Cancer
Rituals: feelings, love, family
Yule ritual 21.12

13. Full moon blue moon
It is celebrated that month
in which two full moon nights occur.
Special magical power is awarded to him.
Full moon (every 3-4 years)
Rituals: divination, expansion of consciousness

Super full moon Pink Full Moon on June 13, 2022
In 2022 there will be a total of two so-called Super Full Moons.
June 14, 2022 at 1:52 pm
July 13 at 8:38 pm,
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