Rough nights magic believe Yule solstice Rituals

Rough nights magic believe Yule solstice Rituals
Text excerpt from 4 books.
Instruction book full moon rituals ISBN: 9783934978164
HEXEN WERK ISBN: 978-3-934978-22-5
My Book of Shadows ISBN: 9783934978171
My Book of Shadows Exclusive Edition ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8
Working with the forces of nature

The rough nights
Actually it should be smoke nights
because the origin comes from smoking,
that one in the nights from Christmas to Three Kings
already did in pre-Christian times.
At that time, however, was the first rough night in midwinter,
the winter solstice.
Today the rough nights begin on December 25th
and end on the night of January 5th to 6th.
It's the nights of returning souls and evil spirits
a transition period from chaos to order.
The term "Between the Years"
is a phrase that is still used today.
The old one hasn't gone yet
and the new is not quite there yet.
In fact, this is "idle time"
assuming the lunar year,
that has exactly these 12 days less than the solar year.
To drive away the evil spirits one has a house,
The courtyard and the stables are smoked so that people and animals alike
to be saved from misfortune and sickness.
The rough nights are particularly suitable,
for this reason also called Los days (oracle nights),
for each type of oracle for the coming year.
The lead pouring on New Year's Eve is still a small holdover from the old days.
A significant time to the careful observer
granted so many a glimpse behind the veil.
It was a sacred plant for the Celts and Teutons and is valid
as a key to the otherworld.
This makes it particularly suitable for dream incense,
for incense in the rough nights and for transitional rites.
Mistletoe drives away negative vibrations,
protects against illness and misfortune,
and has a calming effect on the nervous system.
The mistletoe is part of many Celtic-Nordic smoking mixtures.

1319b Rauh Nacht smoking bag with 15 g.
For cleaning the house, people and animals
during the rough nights (December 25th - January 6th) to eliminate negative energies.
Our magical incenses are only produced at times that are favorable
on a planetary basis with the necessary spiritual attitude using the best, purely herbal ingredients.

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Tip for the rough nights:
Incense to drive away evil, and milk with honey during the 12 oracle nights,
for the wild hunt and for the house ghosts, put in the attic.
In these days the dark forces have great power.
During the smoke nights one should remain quiet and inconspicuous and not do any work.
You shouldn't wear white underwear either
the wild chase brings you.
During the 12 nights the new witches' brooms are tied
(Twelve brooms),
with which you can protect yourself from evil spells,
by placing the broom in the corner with the stick facing up.
These two weeks are a transition period
no man's time between the years.
On these nights the wild chase roams the air,
run by Wodan and Mrs. Holle.
The rough nights were used to predict the future
To do this, one went to these rough nights, at midnight,
silently to a crossroads and listened (loosely) for signs,
which allowed both the weather and events to be interpreted.
Dreams in the smoke should provide a glimpse into the future.
There is one night for each month.
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DE-Rauhnächte Orakelnächte Details
DE-Julfest Ritual Wintersonnenwende
EN-Yule Ritual Winter solstice
FR-Yule Ritual Solstice d'hiver
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Yul ritual
At the winter solstice rose in olden times
the priestesses on the snow-covered hills,
to light great yul fires at sunrise,
that were visible from afar. Then they announced
the birth of light, the returning sun.
The men marched through the village with torches
and the women decorated the rooms with ever green branches,
lit a lamp and burned incense and scented woods.
Then later not only branches,
but whole fir trees brought into the room
and traditionally decorated with apples, pine cones and straw stars.
This pagan custom has survived to our day.
Today apples are being replaced by glass balls
and there are no limits to the imagination when decorating the tree.
The fir tree symbolizes the presence of the forces of nature
despite the winter and gives us hope
that the full splendor of nature returns.
Mistletoe, as an always green plant, is also directly related to the Yule ritual.
Cutting the mistletoe was a sacred act
which was only made by the Druids.
This was done with a golden sickle.
The cut mistletoe had to be caught with a white cloth,
so that it doesn't touch the ground,
because otherwise she would lose her healing powers.
Mistletoes have the strongest powers on oaks
and grow on apple trees
being the mistletoe of the oak more masculine energies
and that of the apple tree develops more feminine energies.
A custom from England is becoming increasingly popular here too,
kissing under the mistletoe that is hung over the door.
The man who kissed a girl under the mistletoe became her bridegroom.
Generally mistletoe is said to have negative effects on the house
Protects influences, attracts love and protects against illness.
The custom also comes from England,
that a mug with alcoholic contents was passed around
and everyone said a blessing on the trees.
From this cup a sacrifice was also poured onto the roots of a tree,
so that the spirits of nature are kind to you
and the harvest in the coming year will be good.
For the same purpose, the ashes of Yul were cut, respectively
of the fire of Yul, scattered on the fields.

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6304 Wind play Witches Bells, witches bells
made of brass.
The witch bells are hung on the door handle
to protect his home from evil.
The saying:
Protect this home, the bells are on the door.
Don't let anything bad in, only good for it.
Evil spells do not work here, only happiness is always in sight.
Dimensions: 20.5 cm x 4.5 cm

6306 Wind chimes triple moon with pentagram
and brass bells. Dimensions: 20 cm x 11 cm

6305 Wind chimes made of brass with bells.
Dimensions: 30 cm x 7 cm

6962 witches key pendant Wicca goddess
With pentagram, wicca goddess, triquetra charmed knot,
Snap hook and 1 zirconia stone. Dimensions: 8.5 cm x 2.4 cm

6961 witches key pendant I bewitch you
With pentagram, witches broom, witch hat, magic amulet
labeled "I Put a Spell on You"
and 2 zirconia stones. Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm

The Perchten German Media Library Link:

Debut under the larva (Perchten mask),
They are supposed to drive away evil by spreading fear and terror themselves.
German media library Link:

German media library Link:


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