Mabon Ritual, September 21, Autumn Equinox

Mabon Ritual, September 21, Autumn Equinox

To be at home under corona conditions
to be able to do a Wheel of the Year ritual,
just use our candles with natural oils.

Sun ritual (Autumn Equinox)
Mabon September 21st (autumn equinox)
Decrease in light
The day and night are of the same length
Harmonious balance of polarities
Time to retreat inward
Nature is preparing for the break
The beginning of the dark half of the year
end of the summer
Setting the sun into the underworld
Farewell resting time of the plants,
since there is no more juice supply Sources Link:

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8 Wheel of the Year Rituals Äth. Magic of Brighid oils
In order to achieve an optimal effect, one uses additionally
the magical natural oils of "Magic of Brighid",
that one drips into the candle wax.
Just the pleasant smell of my mixtures,
which are made with all natural essential oils,
is very different from synthetic oils.
I keep a coloring of the oils with mine
natural processing for unnecessary,
especially since these would only stain clothes.
My mission is
offer people products they can trust,
because I work according to white magic principles
with the magic of plants and planets.
Everyone who works magically and who is interested knows
that only nature can have an effect.
Compare for yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.
The smell shouldn't be in the foreground.
In our opinion, not all plants are fragrant
and correspond to our ideas.
Nevertheless, the very special energy of each
individual plant is at work here.

 8150ma Mabon annual circle glass candle violet
20.09-21.09 Light this candle to create harmony,
and in order to achieve goals and fulfill them
Thank you for your wishes.
GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581500
3851 Mabon ritual oil 5 ml
 with natural essential oils.
 For rituals e.g. B. candle magic,
 to make wishes come true.
 GTIN (EAN) = 4250684538511

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