Black salt ritual instructions

Black salt ritual instructions.
is not a food, and is not suitable for consumption,
as it contains metal dust, among other things,
that acts like a magnet
to bind harmful energies.

Black salt is used to banish negatives,
and build protection.
To do this, either a thin line on the windows
and scattered on the doorstep,
or a protective circle with pacing
circle drawn against the clock,
and sprinkled black salt.
When you are a certain person
want to keep away from your living area,
scatter the black salt on the entrance door,
and name the person
and the reason why this should stay away.

You can also put black salt in a clear bottle,
and carry it with you in your pocket,
or deposit at the workplace to avoid all negative,
like envy, resentment, jealousy,
Keep hatred and intrigue away.

As soon as you feel that the black salt has done its job,
should you dispose of it
because then it is used up,
and should no longer be used.
So get away with it!
But so that neither the environment,
nor harm any animals.
Since these are natural ingredients,
can it be buried outside the property,
or give it to the fire.
Even if you have protection or banishment,
want to maintain it over a longer period of time,
you should renew the salt at regular intervals
and dispose of the old one.
The best time to start the magic
or to renew is a day after a full moon,
at the beginning of the waning moon.
Well then, good luck.
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for protection and counter-spell is also used in voodoo rituals.
Caution, do not use food for eating,
as it contains metal dust, among other things,
to bind negative energies.

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Black Salt Voodoo Protection Witchtok

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