Witch Cauldron made of cast iron

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Witch Cauldron made of cast iron
Witch's cauldron made of solid cast iron with three legs.
The witch's cauldron in its classic, bulbous form is made of clay, steel, cast iron or copper and stands on three legs. As the embodiment of the divine womb, it symbolises the eternal cycle of birth, life and death and stands for both the female and the male principle. Along with the broom, the cauldron is one of the witches' best-known magical objects. During rituals, a small ritual fire can be lit in it or it can be used for magical incense. When filled with water, it can be used like a magic mirror for divination or vision quests.

Diameter approx. 18 cm, height approx. 13 cm, capacity approx. 1.6 l, weight approx. 2.8 kg.


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