Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)

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Cumin (Cuminum cyminum). Since the Middle Ages, caraway has been said to have magical powers.
It is said to protect against hexes and curses.
Carried a few caraway seeds in a bag, it should keep away evil spirits and demons.
Cumin seeds Cross carving
It is commonly used for protection, loyalty, exorcism and against theft.
If you want to protect a place, your house or your business,
mix a little cross caraway with salt and spread it on the floor.
Or smoke some of it with olibanum to ward off evil.
Cross caraway in a small bag is used to ward off evil spirits.
When brides carry the cross with them
it ensures that negative forces are kept away from the wedding.
If you put something in the pocket of your lover or partner,
this ensures that loyalty is fostered.