Magic of Brighid Jar Candle Set Witches Initiation

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Magic of Brighid Jar Candle Set Witches Initiation
Opens the heart and mind for the purpose of the dedication to the pagan gods, and the belief associated with it.Magic of Brighid - blessed jar candle with matching oil in set with instructions in German, English or French. Dimensions of the candle: 20 cm high, 6 cm in diameter Content of oil: 10 ml Dimensions of the packaging: 31 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
EN-Witches Initiation, Myself Initiation, I am the witch
EN-All product instructions "Magic of Brighid" advertising
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EN-Welcome Witches Sisters, FR-Bienvenue soeurs Sorcières, 
IT-Benvenute Streghe, IT-Bienvenidas Brujas, DE-Willkommen Video.
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