Yearly Circle Rituals for Solo Practitioners

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Yearly Circle Rituals for Solo Practitioners
Step by step instruction book especially for solo practitioners, as my book Rituals in the Yearly Circle is designed for groups.
The content is similar but abbreviated and simpler.
The yearly festivals, also called witches' Sabbaths, are evenly distributed stations in the cycle that the sun goes through in a year.
They are divided into four sun festivals and four moon festivals.
The sun festivals are celebrated at the prominent turning points of the sun, such as the equinox and the solstice.
The lunar festivals are exactly in between.
This means that a festival of the year takes place every 6 1/2 weeks.
According to witchcraft tradition, these begin with the Witches' New Year on 1 November.
However, like many others, I begin the cycle at Yule on 21 December,
the day of the winter solstice, as it celebrates the return of light.
From this point on, the days become longer again and how could it be otherwise, the nights shorter.
With the birth of the sun, the pregnancy of nature begins and this is the beginning of all life.

Only available in German.

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