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Delivery from the USA finally arrived

Our new delivery from the USA has finally arrived. Unfortunately, only about 30% of the ordered items were delivered, which is why we can offer most of the Anna Riva oils in the 10 ml vials only. We already have a new order in the US and hope we get our new order as complete as possible.

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Advent calendar

Advent calendar 1.
Magic of Brighid Advent calendar
Free for your website or blog.
To do this, open the link in the new window.
The animation does not work on https pages.
If the music bothers,
Just click on the loudspeaker symbol in the lower left corner.
Magic of Brighid Advent Calendar 1

You can also copy the link and
into the iFrame Generator.
Adjust the size ready.

Free Online iFrame Code Maker Tool Link:


Video Advent calendar 2.
Magic of Brighid Witches Advent Calendar 2 Link:



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Telekinesis box with Pentagram

Telekinesis box with Pentagram Product.Nr.: 9930
product description
Telekinesis box with Pentagram with description in english.  
Dimensions:  8,5 cm x 6 cm x 7,5 cm
The telekinesis monitor is a valuable tool that allows them to develop their telekinetic powers.
It is a visible sign of progress.
This highly sensitive device responds exactly to the energy fields of the human body.
To mount the meter telekinesis, remove the rotor and the stick from its packaging,
and the pin from the bottom up through the hole in the center of the pentagram,
so that the tip of the needle protrudes upwards.
Place now the rotor on the top of the needle. To make it work properly,
it must be well balanced. The rotor is now free and easy to turn in the situation.
Make sure that there is no draft in the room, which may move the rotor.
Whenever you are work with this telekinesis meter,
you should be careful not to breathe on the rotor,
and prevent heated air affects the telekinesis meter.
If they notice the development of your telekinetic abilities through the device,
they will also recognize that the movement of the rotor is not simply caused by physics.
The rotor does not move by radiation from your hands or by air movement, magnetism , etc.,
because the rotor is made of aluminum.
The easiest way to learn to move the rotor is,
by holding the hand in a semi-circle around the rotor.
Concentrate on turning in the direction in which pointing her finger.
The rotor should rotate clockwise with the left hand, and counter-clockwise with the right hand.
You must be relaxed while using the device, and you should not hang their elbows,
amit your energy is not grounded.
Do not drive them away until you have mastered this technique completely.
We hope you enjoy practicing.

Telekinese box instruction English Video

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Ouija Board Witchboard instructions English

Ouija Board Witchboard instructions English

Video Link:

how to work with the
witchboard (Oija-board)

More and more, above all young people, is fascinated from this type of the communication
with the spirit-natures. It is some things however very important to heed with it.  
The most important in the contact with the witchboard is that they should
not drive it as party-fun but approaches with the necessary seriousness at the matter.   
They should not be afraid however either, because fear pulls negative energies speaks to spirit-natures.
It is like with the contact with dogs, if one is afraid,
one of much easy victims of a vicious dog is, as if one meets it courageously.

Instructions for dealers can be found after login in the download area.
Hexenbrett Anleitung,
Ouija instructions Français,
Strega tavola Italia Ouija Witchboard,
Ouija Board Witchboard instructions Lien Link:


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Anna Riva Oils

Who is Anna Riva?

Anna Riva was the pseudonym
By Dorothy Spencer (1922 - 2003).
Dorothy L Spencer, was 81 years old,
Born January 20, 1922, and died on March 10, 2003.
She put the name of her daughter,
And the name of her mother.
She was an American shaman
And the name given to various "magical products",
Which are now manufactured in the USA as mass products,
And distributed.

Dorothy Spencer had dementia in her last years
And no longer recognized their environment and their relatives.
Unfortunately, Anna Riva oils do not contain the spirit of the plant,
As is the case with natural oils,
Since it is produced purely synthetically.

So that the spirit of the plant can work
Was the "Magic of Brighid" series
With natural essential oils.
Essential oils are obtained from the respective plant
And have a natural origin. Link:

Anna Riva oils
Are used for the ointment of ritual or sacrificial candles,
And for the ointment and consecration of (ritual) objects.
Anna Riva ™ oils are intended for external use only.

The ointment of the candles is as follows:
If the spell is to put on something, it is anointed from top to center
And then from the bottom to the middle, that is to the center of the candle.
If the spell is to be repelled,
Is anointed from the center upwards and then from the center downwards,
So away from the candle center.
For glass candles, add a few drops of ritual oil directly into the candle,
But not into the burning candle, the oils are easily flammable.
This application applies to all ritual oils.

The incense of Anna Riva is one
Self-igniting smoke powder mixed with saltpetre,
And thus no coal is needed.

See also
Wikipedia link:
Memory Link:

Under her pseudonym Anna Riva, Dorothy Spencer wrote the following books:

Modern Witchcraft Spellbook (1973). ISBN 978-0-943832-02-9.
The Modern Herbal spellbook (1974). ISBN 978-0-943832-03-6.
Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets, International Imports (1974).
ISBN 0-943832-01-2.
Secrets of Magical Seals: A Modern Grimoire of Amulets, Charms,
Symbols and Talismans (1975). ISBN 978-0-943832-04-3.
Spellcraft, Hexcraft and Witchcraft (1977). ISBN 978-0-943832-00-5.
Candle Burning Magic: A Spellbook of Rituals for Good and Evil (1980).
ISBN 978-0-943832-06-7.
Powers of the Psalms: 375 Ways to Use Psalms (1982). ISBN 978-0-943832-07-4.
Devotions to the Saints (1982). ISBN 978-0-943832-08-1.
Prayer Book: A Treasury of Meditations, Devotions, Gems of Wisdom,
and Verses for Daily Help. (1984). ISBN 978-0-943832-09-8.
Magic with Incense and Powders (1985). ISBN 978-0-943832-11-1.
Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils: Over 550 Oils and 1300 Spells (1990).
ISBN 978-0-943832-16-6.
Your Lucky Numbers...Forever (1992). ISBN 978-0-943832-17-3.
Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing (1993). ISBN 978-0-943832-18-0.
Art of Divination (1995). ISBN 978-0-943832-23-4.
Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets (1996). ISBN 978-0-943832-01-2.
How to Conduct a Seance (1997). ISBN 978-0-943832-20-3.

Books Amazon Link:

Important NOTE!
As far as my site is concerned with traditional statements about magic or individual goods,
Which imply certain effects of the products,
Is expressly clarified,
That with these statements no effects are announced in the scientifically secured sense.
These are references to magic applications of the products in the traditional, traditional sense

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Wood species information

Wood species information

Sorry translation with Google translate-

Indonesia Wood species we use.
Cites Approval free!

Crocodile Wood (Soar) (Zanthoxylum rhetsa).
Sonokeling wood (Pterocarpus indicus)
Albesia wood (Albizia falcata).
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp).

FSC certificate that confirms the origin from sustainable economy.
Sucofindo Certificate No. VLK 00460


FLEGT licensing

V-Legal- FLEGT License number

Decision No 1/2016 of the Joint Implementation Committee set up by the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between the European Union, of the one part, and the Republic of Indonesia, of the other part

of 15 September 2016

concerning the start date of the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licensing scheme [2016/1797]


Having regard to the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’), which following ratification by the Parties entered into force on 1 May 2014,



The Agreement provides in Article 14, paragraph 5(e) that the Joint Implementation Committee shall agree on the date from which the FLEGT licensing scheme will start operating after an evaluation of the functioning of the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance system (TLAS) on the basis of the criteria set out in Annex VIII.


A joint independent assessment of the Indonesian TLAS has concluded that the Indonesian TLAS is a robust system and that the system meets the criteria to assess its operationality established in Annex VIII to the Agreement.


The two Parties have completed their respective internal procedures and have notified each other through the JIC of their readiness to start the FLEGT Licensing system.


The JIC will continue to monitor the implementation of the Agreement and the Parties have identified joint actions to be prioritized in the course of 2017 in order to ensure an effective implementation of the Agreement.


Article 1

The FLEGT licensing scheme shall start on 15 November 2016.

Article 2

This Decision shall be drawn up in duplicate in the Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Indonesian languages, each of these texts being authentic. In case of divergence of interpretation the English text shall prevail.

Article 3

This Decision shall enter into force on 15 November 2016.

Done in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 15 September 2016.

For the Republic of Indonesia


Director-General of Sustainable Forest Management, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia

For the European Union

Charles-Michel GEURTS

Deputy Head of Mission

EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei

Info Link:

PDF download for our customers after login

FAQ - frequently asked questions
What is CITES
Or the Washington Convention? Info Link:
Our wood comes from fallen trees
And from sustainable management.
It meets the very strict export regulations of the country,
Customs or agricultural ministry.
Palo santo (Holy wood) Wood shavings (Burserea graveolens) Link:
Guajak Wooden Granules (Guaiacum) Link:
Tolu balsam (Myroxylon balsamum) Link:
Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus) Link:
White Sandalwood Powder (Santalum album), and Sandalwood Oil Link:

Application for species protection permits Info Link:
Further information.
In the list of wood species you will find the protected wood species
According to the law currently in force.
PDF Download Link:


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Natural Magic Oils from Magic of Brighid

Natural Magic Oils from Magic of Brighid


Customers say we are
The most interesting esoteric wholesaler in Europe.
Brighid Articles:

Magic of Brighid - blessed glass candles and oils

"Magic of Brighid"

My Magic of Brighid Jar candles are

20 cm high, 6 cm wide and burn about 96 -100 hours.

The combustion is clean and free of soot 

They consist of natural substances and with instructions

provided in English, French and German 

In order to achieve an optimal effect, in addition to use

the  magical oils of "Magic of Brighid", 

which one pours into the candle wax.

For most candles there's also the matching incense

from my series, let the desire go with the smoke into higher spheres.

With the Magic of Brighid line I want a natural alternative 

based on the chemical-based USA offer oils.

Even the pleasant smell of my mixes, 

 with genuine essential oils are produced, 

is very different from the synthetic oils.

A coloration of the oils I think with my natural processing for unnecessary

especially as this would cause only stains on the clothes.

My mission is to offer people products,

on which they can rely,

because I have been working to white magical principles

with the magic of plants and the planet.

Each magical working and interested know

that only nature can have an effect 

and everything else is based solely on the belief in a product.

Another asset in the field of magic oils

my sprays that make the application more easily,

and since they are 100% natural, 

can also be used without hesitation.

Compare for yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.

Instruction Magic of Brighid Spells Link:

Small 3D Media Promotion.

If they want, they may all glass candle Videos

in their internet shop for each

Magic of Brighid

Glass candle Add. Link:

Magic of Brighid Anleitung DE Link:
Magic of Brighid Anleitung FR Lien:
Magic of Brighid Anleitung IT Link:
Magic of Brighid Anleitung ENG UK Link:

Hexenvideos Sorcieres Strega Brujas Witchcraft Links
Voodoo Anleitung DE Link:
Voodoo instructions Eng UK Link:
Vaudou Instructions Fr Lien:
Voodoo Istruzioni It Link:
Application UK Magic of Brighid PDF Download Link:
Magic of Brighid info English PDF Link:

Europe Dealer list for private customers Info Link:

Natural Essential Magic Oils
Magic of Brighid Spells Essential Magic Oils
Brighid's Magic oils and sprays Information in English

Mobile phone product info

Neue Google-Seiten über Magic of Brighid
Nouvelles pages Google sur Magic of Brighid
Nuove pagine Google su Magic of Brighid
New Google pages about Magic of Brighid

Kerzen Grosshandel Link:
Usine de bougies magiques en gros Lien:
Fabbrica di candele commercio all'ingrosso magico Link:
U.K. English
Candles factory Link:
Esoterikhändler Liste von Magic of Brighid / Anderswelt
Liste des détaillants ésotériques de Magic of Brighid / Anderswelt
Elenco di rivenditori esoterici da Magic of Brighid / Anderswelt
Esoteric dealer list from Magic of Brighid / Anderswelt
New Link:
Mythology Produkt Videos Link:

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Anderswelt-Import Blog

Here is our new blog in which we publish news and information about our products, new deliveries and new items.


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