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Magnetic disk for magnetizing of Athamen (daggers)
Diameter: 17 mm
A ritual dagger (athame) is a dagger with a magnetizable blade.
Take a magnet and stroke it towards your body
over your athame until it is magnetized.
Refresh the magnetic charge at every new moon.
Now the athame can better reinforce magical energy marriages.

Caution: magnetic fields
Magnets generate far-reaching, strong magnetic fields.
You can use electronic devices such as TV sets, PCs, laptops,
Hard drives, credit and debit cards, data carriers, mechanical watches,
Damage hearing aids and speakers.
Obvious iron parts can be attracted to the magnets.
Keep magnets away from all devices and objects that can be damaged by strong magnetic fields.
Do not place any ferrous tools, knives, etc. near magnets.
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