Dagger / Athame Irminsul with Eagle

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Athame Irminsul with Eagle, dagger with scabbard.

Total length 34 cm, blade 22 cm
A ritual dagger (athame) is not intended as a weapon,
but has a purely symbolic function.
It is supposed to bundle and direct magical powers
it symbolizes the element air and is used
to demarcate a holy place
by drawing a circle with it.
Its place is in the east on the altar
and it symbolizes the intellect, the spiritual power.
With the ritual dagger the guardians of the east become
and invoked by the power of thought.
A ritual dagger represents the god, or the male,
while the chalice or cauldron is the goddess
represents the feminine.
A ritual dagger (athame) is a dagger with a magnetizable blade.
Take a magnet and stroke it towards your body
over your athame until it is magnetized.
Refresh the magnetic charge at every new moon.
Now the athame can better reinforce magical energy marriages.

According to German law, they are blank weapons
and may only be carried by people
who have a gun license.
Ritual daggers may NOT be exported to Switzerland, Russia and the USA.
Please use Art. No .: 8740 Athame Goddess made of wood, hand-carved.
Or Art. No .: 8741 Athame moon made of wood, hand carved.
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