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Welcome to the esoteric New Age Wholesale.
ANDERSWELT (Other World) Import was founded in 1996.
Products that reveal other worlds.
We supply throughout Europe exclusively distributors for resale.

With prepayment we provide for you also OEM service.
Manufacturer information:
We constantly cooperate with 30 craftsmen on the basis of friendship and fair trade, which is our contribution to active development assistance.
We produce special products in Asia, which are sold with much success in the area of middle and new age.
With our wholesale we supply distributors across Europe exclusively for resale. With our know-how, we know exactly what the customer wants and what is demanded and searched
on the market.
As an independent family company, we set great value on a high degree of service availability and personal responsibility. Therefore we are able to act quickly and flexibly and to respond particularly to our customers’ requirements.
This includes not only the shortest delivery times, but also our own production and direct import.
Our ANDERSWELT  expert knowledge publishing:

Our author "Brighid "
can put all of her knowledge into our products and into our practice-oriented books.
Our long experience in this area allows us to provide you with promotional information to customers about our products, so that we may be at your disposal as a consulting partner, when required.

Discover – the - ANDERSWELT (Other World) -
Here you will find all the items we sell.
We hope that our reasonable prices will convince you.
Our minimum order value is net 50 - €
The delivery will be made immediately upon receipt of your payment by PayPal,
or after receipt of your bank transfer in case
of payment in advance.

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BRIGHID Author Page Jahreskreisfeste.de
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Weel of the year / Witches Sabbath

The annual festivals also called witches sabbate
are 8 evenly distributed stations
in the cycle that the sun pervades in a year.
They are divided into four solar feasts (Solstice Sabbath)
and four moon festivals (Moon Esbat).
The sunsets are celebrated at the striking turning points of the sun,
like day and night the same and sunny.
The moon solid lie exactly in between.
So it turns out that every 6 1/2 weeks an annual cycle takes place firmly.
We start the cycle on the 21st of December, the day of the winter solstice.
because here the recurring light is celebrated.
With the birth of the sun begins the pregnancy of nature
and that is the beginning of all life.
Samhain, Julfest, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasad, Mabon.
This results in the following sequence with keywords on the topic:
Hexenfeste Sabbat de Sorciere Witchcraft Link:

Youtube Playlist Link:
Info Jahreskreisfest.de

Sun festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Julfest 21st of December (winter sunny turn)
Jul means wheel, the wheel of life
Wheel of the seasons run
Overcoming death in nature
Awakening life that is not yet visible
Pregnancy, resurrection, rebirth
Shortest day and longest night
Beginning of the new cycle in the cycle of life
Returning sun, the end of the descent
Birth of the new light
Aspect of life in death
December 24th Mother night.
Smoke nights always went from night to night.
Beginning of the 12 smoke nights 25th December to 5th January
Our ancestors believed that in the nights
"between the years"
the spirits went round, dead souls return and
Demons are up to mischief.

Yule Winter Solstice Twelve Nights English Video Link:
Moon festival (Moon Esbat)
Imbolc February 1st (light metering)
In honor of Brighid, the threefold goddess,
which is also responsible for fertility
Time of cleaning
Relief from the slags and the sleepiness of the winter
Already an hour longer day
Imbolc is Gaelic and means in the belly
First impulse of the child nature in the belly of mother earth
Purification of the soil from dead plants
Worship of fire and water
Beginning of the rising vitality
Time when Thor smashes the ice and the light triumphs

Imbolc Ritual Candle Info English Video Link:
Sun festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Ostara 21. March (Spring day and night same)
End of winter, the time of death
Arrival of the spring
The reawakening life, the birth of nature
Increase of light by the return of the sun
Beginning of the active phase in humans and nature
Day and night are the same length
Return of the Jung god Baldur
Resurrection of the goddess Ostara from the underworld into the earthly world
Colorful Easter eggs are still a symbol of fertility today
and the colors of nature

Ostara Greetings, Ostara ritual candles English Video Link:
Moon festival  (Moon Esbat)
Beltane April 30 to May 1 (Walpurgis Night)
Future of the summer
Initiation or growing up, expectation
Flying energies and ascending forces in nature
Identification with energies in nature and harmonious attunement to finding
your own energy
High point of the energy flow
Unit of male and female
Creation of a new life
Festival spring time of the nature
Eusting all daemons and winter spirits before they have to disappear
Achieving Fertility and Wealth by Skipping the Fire
Walpurgisnacht Baden-Wuerttemberg Video SWR  Link:
Beltane Greetings English Video Link:
Sun Festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Litha June 21 (summer solstice)
Sun power at the highest point
Highest level
The longest day and the shortest night
Feast of achievement, hope and expectation
Celebrating your own individuality and creativity
Concentration on personal matters
Middle of the time
Secret beginning of death
Right in the middle of life, the germ of death is laid
Wedding of nature, in which fertilization and procreation takes place
Litha Summer Solstice Greetings English Video Link:
Moon Festival (Moon Esbat)
Lughnasad / Lammas 1st of august (reaper)
The name means Lugh's remembrance, the successor to the
Celtic light and sun god Bel
Death of the Germanic god Baldur
We celebrate the fertile earth
Thanks for the grain harvest
Feast of the first bread
Blessing of the healing herbs
High point of growth
Decreasing power of the sun despite the hot days
Thinking about what is what will be or should be
Lughnasadh English Video Link:
Sun festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Mabon September 21 (autumn day and night same)
Decrease in the light
The day and the night are the same length
Harmonious balance of polarities
Time of withdrawal inside
Nature prepares for the rest break
Beginning of the dark year half
End of summer
Sinking of the sun into the underworld
Rest period of the plants, since no more juice supply takes place
On September 21 English Video Link:
Moon Festival (Moon Esbat)
Samhain 31 October to 1 November (dead)
end of the year
Celtic New Year
Threshold between visible and invisible world
Time of the spirits and daemons, it evolved Halloween
Beginning of winter, the dark time
Feast of remembrance
Out of external activity to inner growth
Burning all the worries and problems of the past year
Night of the oracle
Elimination of weaknesses and things
Memory of the deceased
Death month of nature
Halloween Samhain English Link: 
So at the end of all life is death,
But he is again the beginning to new life and the cycle begins again.
Celebrating the circle of the year becomes the people,
this eternal becoming and passing near. We are part of this cycle,
because we are part of nature.
This understanding is for most people in the age
lost to technology.
But it can also be seen
that more and more in search of fulfillment and purpose of life,
turn back on the path that humanity has taken,
and go back to the beginning,
to the roots, to find their own way from there.
A path in harmony with nature
on the side of our cosmic parents Mother Earth
and father sun.
There are many ways
and no one is better or worse.

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