Attractive attraction magic Powder, Spell Powder Attraction Magic of Brighid.

Attractive attraction magic Powder, Spell Powder Attraction Magic of Brighid.
Use of Spell powder

You can use the powders in different ways.
Scattering Spell powder is the most common way
to do witchcraft.
The absolute best way to sprinkle Spell powder is,
while walking backwards.
This approach is also very suitable
to sprinkle the path to be enchanted.

You can find them in your home at the front door
and scatter at Fernstern, respectively
set up bowls filled with it.
Or you sprinkle Spell powder in your mop water,
that you use to clean
to distribute the spell in the appropriate room.
For each application, visualize the reason for use
and focus on your Spell.

They are also used to clean altars, tools and houses,
Charge amulets and talismans.
Also spread it over personal belongings,
that have a connection to your Spellal work.
It is very popular to pollinate the clothes
or a pinch of Spell powder in your suitcase, in your purse,
in your own shoes
or to scatter to the desired person.

You can sprinkle body parts with it,
or blow them in a particular direction.
Blowing Spell powder is a very effective way
to spread the Spell powder
just by blowing a little there,
where you want to achieve the desired action.
This is done by taking a small amount of the powder
on the palm of your hand, or on a platter.
Then the Spell powder towards a person,
or blow a certain position.
If you've already blown the powder from your hand,
you can also touch the person with it
on whom the spell is supposed to work.
But be careful not to get it in your eyes
or lands on mucous membranes,
because some powders contain peppers,
or other lovely spices.

Carrying Spell powder is beneficial
because that's how you're able to do it all day long
to send the spell to the target person.
A small sack made of natural fabric
is great for carrying Spell powder,
and of course Spell powders are also an important ingredient
from Mojo Bags and Witch Flasks.
But it's not enough for witch bottles
put it somewhere and wait for the Spell to be fulfilled.
Pick it up whenever you have time
and meditate on your desired outcome.

Also, for example, a candle anointed with oil,
which is rolled in Spell powder,
support the Spellal work in rituals.
However, do not limit yourself to candles,
because many people achieve success,
by sprinkling cash powders on lottery tickets
or legal papers with one of the accompanying Spell powders.
Another popular approach is to
the desire to write on parchment paper,
then sprinkle some Spell powder and fold it up.
As you can see, the application of the Spell powder is very versatile.
Just try it.

Brighid Spell Powder Attraction

1410b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Attraction
1410g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Used to arouse the passions of the opposite sex.
Also brings luck and is especially good for gaining financial benefits.
Used for money, better business, luck, love
and attract good things in life. Bag of 10g

1411b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Banishing
1411g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Blocks evil thoughts and intentions,
sent to you and returns them to the sender.
Removes curses, hexes, and reversal spells.
Likewise, it helps bad habits, negative situations
and banish people from your life. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1412b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Black Devil
1412g Witch bottle with cork 10g

is used to a married
or to keep people who are tied up from cheating.
It should be sprinkled in shoes or on clothing.
With unfaithful lovers it stops infidelity,
and forces those you love to return. Bag of 10güte-mit-10g.html

1413b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Evil Be Gone
1413g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Scatter it when dehexing yourself or someone else.
One of the best curse breakers. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1414b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Fiery Wall of Protection
1414g Witch bottle with cork 10g

It helps protect the user from magical attacks
or to protect against unexpected kickbacks.
Stops anyone from putting an evil curse on you.
Scatter in a room to ward off curses.
Scatter on all windows and doors. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1415b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Get Away
1415g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Scares away unwanted people.
Sprinkle it in the path of people you don't want to bother you anymore.
Or sprinkle it on the windowsill and front doorstep. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1416b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Healing
1416g Witch bottle with cork 10g

To mobilize the self-healing powers
and thereby also to support healing during visualization. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1417b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Hex Breaking
1417g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Scatter it on your head at the full moon,
to prevent hexes or to send them back there,
where they come from. Burn a suitable dehexing incense,
while you focus on your desire.
Also light a white candle
anointed with a protective, de-hexing oil. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1418b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder House Blessing
1418g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Brings luck and blessings where scattered.
Scatter the powder in every corner of every room, on every window
and to the front door.
That's how luck attracts it
and protects the residents from all evil. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1419b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Love Drawing
1419g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Love powder, which has a supportive effect in the search for love.
It is designed to attract, heal, reawaken and amplify love.
Both in self-love and in your relationship. Bag of 10güten-mit-10g.html

1420b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Luck
1420g Witch bottle with cork 10g

Scatter this powder in your living area, or on yourself,
to bring about a positive change,
and remove all negative energies. Bag of 10güte-mit-10g.html

1421b Magic of Brighid Spell Powder Money Drawing
1421g Witch bottle with cork 10g

It is used to increase income,
and to attract money from expected as well as unexpected sources

1422b Brighid's Magic Powder Prosperity Magic
1422g Witch bottle with cork 10g

(Magic Dust Prosperity)
(Prosperity, Prosperity, Prosperity)
Contributes to abundance, prosperity,
New career opportunities
and to deliver overall success.
Rub your hands, sprinkle the rooms,
Or a green candle greased with Money Drawing oil
Wält and light in the dust. 10 g bag

1423b Protection from the magic dust of Brighid's magic
1423g Witch bottle with cork 10g

(Magic Dust Protection)
(Protection, Protection, Protection)
It can be used for individual protection
Describing a circle from it
And get inside.
Visualize a protective wall,
that arises around you
and feel how warm you are,
protective hug
the strength of the herbs is bathed.
You can always perform this ritual
if you need intensive protection. 10 g bag

1424b Magic of Brighid magic dust success
1424g Witch bottle with cork 10g

(Magic dust of success)
(Succès, Success, Exito)
Helps to succeed in all activities
And to achieve the set objectives.
Also to support the search for an apartment,
Job search, including an interview. 10 g bag

1425b Brighid Uncrossing Magic Powder
1425g Witch bottle with cork 10g

(Uncrossing new ways of magic dust)
(Dispel Confusion, Clarify Confusion, Discuss)
Use Uncrossing powder to perform each curse
Or evil magic from home
or remove in business,
And to protect yourself from harmful powers.
Removes negative vibrations
And it brings calm and balance. 10 g bag

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