Tavola Ouija Angelo, in francese

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Tavola Ouija Angelo in francese, con motivo Angelo. Tutte le tavole Ouija sono naturalmente fornite con planchette.

Dimensioni:  58 cm x 43 cm

Welcome witch sisters at Brighid Ouija board Ouija Board Witch Instructions
witches information from www.jahreskreisfeste.de
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Collegamento video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czb2a
for the handling of the Witchboard (Ouija Board)
More and more, especially young people,
are of this type communicating with the spirit world fascinated.
However, it is very important to note a few things here.
The most important thing in dealing with the Witch Board,
that you should not operate as a party game it,
but zoom comes with the necessary seriousness of the matter.
More in the video ....
you gladly allowed to all videos
from Witch Circle embed and link everywhere
Thank you very much and be
Blessed from Brighid

Ouija Board Witchboard instructions English