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Now available again

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New deliveries arrived from India and Indonesia

Today, our new deliveries have arrived from India and Indonesia.

Thus many articles are available again like:

Duftlampe Pentagramm

Buch der Schatten Pentagramm Drache mit Ledereinband und Messingbeschlägen

Wende Ritualgewand Robe Schwarz/Rot

Kleines Buch für Zaubersprüche Witches Spells

Pendel durchbrochen mit Pentagramm und Chakrasteinen

Kerzenständer Yggdrasil

Runenset aus Onyx

Athame Mond

Athame Magic Celtic

Dolch mit Adlerkopf (Athame)

Telekinesebox mit Pentagramm Athame Göttin




And more, so it's worth it to come in and see us again.

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Advent calendar

Advent calendar 1.
Magic of Brighid Advent calendar
Free for your website or blog.
To do this, open the link in the new window.
The animation does not work on https pages.
If the music bothers,
Just click on the loudspeaker symbol in the lower left corner.
Magic of Brighid Advent Calendar 1

You can also copy the link and
into the iFrame Generator.
Adjust the size ready.

Free Online iFrame Code Maker Tool Link:


Video Advent calendar 2.
Magic of Brighid Witches Advent Calendar 2 Link:



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More about this topic

New delivery arrived Figure candles

Today our new delivery at Figure candles arrived,

Thus all Figure candles are available again.

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Ostara, 21. March, Spring day and night same

Sun festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Ostara 21. March (Spring day and night same)
End of winter, the time of death
Arrival of the spring
The reawakening life, the birth of nature
Increase of light by the return of the sun
Beginning of the active phase in humans and nature
Day and night are the same length
Return of the Jung god Baldur
Resurrection of the goddess Ostara from the underworld into the earthly world
Colorful Easter eggs are still a symbol of fertility today
and the colors of nature

Ostara Greetings, Ostara ritual candles English Video Link:

More about the story. Link:

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