Natural Magic Oils from Magic of Brighid

Natural Magic Oils from Magic of Brighid


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Magic of Brighid - blessed glass candles and oils

"Magic of Brighid"

My Magic of Brighid Jar candles are

20 cm high, 6 cm wide and burn about 96 -100 hours.

The combustion is clean and free of soot 

They consist of natural substances and with instructions

provided in English, French and German 

In order to achieve an optimal effect, in addition to use

the  magical oils of "Magic of Brighid", 

which one pours into the candle wax.

For most candles there's also the matching incense

from my series, let the desire go with the smoke into higher spheres.

With the Magic of Brighid line I want a natural alternative 

based on the chemical-based USA offer oils.

Even the pleasant smell of my mixes, 

 with genuine essential oils are produced, 

is very different from the synthetic oils.

A coloration of the oils I think with my natural processing for unnecessary

especially as this would cause only stains on the clothes.

My mission is to offer people products,

on which they can rely,

because I have been working to white magical principles

with the magic of plants and the planet.

Each magical working and interested know

that only nature can have an effect 

and everything else is based solely on the belief in a product.

Another asset in the field of magic oils

my sprays that make the application more easily,

and since they are 100% natural, 

can also be used without hesitation.

Compare for yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.

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If they want, they may all glass candle Videos

in their internet shop for each

Magic of Brighid

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