Halloween, Samhain, 31 October,

Moon Festival (Moon Esbat)
Samhain 31 October to 1 November (dead)
end of the year
Celtic New Year
Threshold between visible and invisible world
Time of the spirits and daemons, it evolved Halloween
Beginning of winter, the dark time
Feast of remembrance
Out of external activity to inner growth
Burning all the worries and problems of the past year
Night of the oracle
Elimination of weaknesses and things
Memory of the deceased
Death month of nature
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So at the end of all life is death,
But he is again the beginning to new life and the cycle begins again.
Celebrating the circle of the year becomes the people,
this eternal becoming and passing near. We are part of this cycle,
because we are part of nature.
This understanding is for most people in the age
lost to technology.
But it can also be seen
that more and more in search of fulfillment and purpose of life,
turn back on the path that humanity has taken,
and go back to the beginning,
to the roots, to find their own way from there.
A path in harmony with nature
on the side of our cosmic parents Mother Earth
and father sun.
There are many ways
and no one is better or worse.

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