Yule, 21st of December, Winter Solstice

Sun festival (Solstice Sabbath)
Julfest 21st of December (winter sunny turn)
Jul means wheel, the wheel of life
Wheel of the seasons run
Overcoming death in nature
Awakening life that is not yet visible
Pregnancy, resurrection, rebirth
Shortest day and longest night
Beginning of the new cycle in the cycle of life
Returning sun, the end of the descent
Birth of the new light
Aspect of life in death
December 24th Mother night.
Smoke nights always went from night to night.
Beginning of the 12 smoke nights 25th December to 5th January
Our ancestors believed that in the nights
"between the years"
the spirits went round, dead souls return and
Demons are up to mischief.

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The old Yul festival in Scandinavia was celebrated from December 22 to January 13.
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