Telekinesis box with Pentagram

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Telekinesis box with Pentagram with description in english. 
Dimensions:  8,5 cm x 6 cm x 7,5 cm
The telekinesis monitor is a valuable tool that allows them to develop their telekinetic powers.
It is a visible sign of progress. This highly sensitive device responds exactly to the energy fields of the human body. To mount the meter telekinesis, remove the rotor and the stick from its packaging, and the pin from the bottom up through the hole in the center of the pentagram, so that the tip of the needle protrudes upwards. Place now the rotor on the top of the needle. To make it work properly, it must be well balanced. The rotor is now free and easy to turn in the situation. Make sure that there is no draft in the room, which may move the rotor. Whenever you are work with this telekinesis meter, you should be careful not to breathe on the rotor, and prevent heated air affects the telekinesis meter. If they notice the development of your telekinetic abilities through the device, they will also recognize that the movement of the rotor is not simply caused by physics. The rotor does not move by radiation from your hands or by air movement, magnetism , etc., because the rotor is made of aluminum. The easiest way to learn to move the rotor is, by holding the hand in a semi-circle around the rotor. Concentrate on turning in the direction in which pointing her finger. The rotor should rotate clockwise with the left hand, and counter-clockwise with the right hand. You must be relaxed while using the device, and you should not hang their elbows, amit your energy is not grounded. Do not drive them away until you have mastered this technique completely.
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