Thor's Hammer Mjölnir Asatru survival bracelet

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Thor's Hammer Mjölnir Asatru survival bracelet, with paracord knot and Fehu rune. The Fehu rune stands for 'cattle, prosperity, property, money.
Mjölnir Malmer, lightning the magical weapon of the god Thor, with which he fought the enemies of the gods, especially the Thursen (giants) and the Midgard serpent.

Material: tin alloy.
Dimensions: width 33 mm x 10 mm, length of the cord 24.5 cm.
Weight: 37 g

A survival bracelet is a survival bracelet for an emergency situation.
Paracord is a tear-resistant parachute cord with a tensile strength of up to 270 kg.
The bracelet can be opened and used in many ways.
Most of the time it's 3 meters, but it's good to have a line with you at all.
Paracord can be used in a variety of ways: building traps, replacing shoelaces, attaching and fixing equipment, building emergency shelters, first aid, tensioning tarps, tents or as fishing line.