Florida Water 100 ml on alcohol-base with natural pure essential oils

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Based on alcohol with natural pur, ethereal oils

Florida water is used in voodoo for generations as an integral part of a ritual. After having used the cleaning incense of the rooms and the following ventilation you will spray this florida water in all corners and in the middle of the room in order to delete negatives energies. To enlarge this energie of a room you can put a little bowl with a mixture of sea salt, water and florida water. If there is any

mourning, dispute, stress or a lack of momentum, a few of florida water can be a great help, in order to bring you into brighen mood and to get again a clear head. In Peru, it is used according to the old faith in order to attract money and fortune, or to protect children from bad dreams and ghosts at night.  A few drops in front of the entrance door of a business should increase sales.

Content 100 ml

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