Die kleine Magic of Brighid Zauberfibel

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Die kleine Magic of Brighid Zauberfibel mit Anleitungen für die Anwendung unserer Magic of Brighid Glaskerzen, Öle, Sprays und Räucherungen.
Available only in German language. 

Disponible uniquement en langue allemande.
Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca.

Magic made easy with the 'Magic of Brighid' products.
This primer is not about great magical rituals,
but about the simple magic that everyone
can be practiced even without previous magical knowledge.
With a few tools you can turn your life around
or to help 'fate' a little.
Because everyone is actually the blacksmith of their own fortune.
Some people let themselves be tossed back and forth by the waves of life
lick their wounds and wait anxiously
what happens next, because there is nothing you can do
it's fate.
Wrong thought, you can very well turn the reins
when the horse gallops in a different direction than the one you want.
Everyone knows the saying: '
Faith moves mountains'.
Positive thinking is also based on this foundation,
which should be known to most by now.
Magic too is made through the power of thought and belief,
that it happens, causes.
The more thought energy you bring into your spell,
and the more intense your imagination of the desired situation is,
the faster your wish will come true.
To support your magic I have developed the Magic of Brighid products,
which correspond to the power of plants and the 7 main planets,
and thus act as an energy amplifier.
With this little introduction to the world of magic
I would like to provide an overview,
how to achieve an improvement in your life
and takes his fate into his own hands.

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"Magic of Brighid" oils, sprays, glass candles.
Small Media 3D Promotion.
If they want, they can take all the glass candle videos
In their internet shop to the respective
Magic of Brighid
Add a glass candle.
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