Write Feather nib set, Medieval Calligraphy

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Nib set with turkey pen and pen holder, including calligraphy ink and 5 nibs in different sizes. The turkey pen nib has a richly decorated shaft made of zamak (zinc alloy). The set includes a richly decorated, heart-shaped penholder made of artificial stone (polyresin).
The article is delivered in a sturdy gift box. Dimensions: pen length approx. 34 cm, pen holder: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm    

Taille de télévision de, fr-it, en-vidéo 4 minutes,
DE,FR-IT,EN-Video 4 Minuten Lang,
Ecrire plume calligraphie medievale,
Schreibfeder Mittelalterliche Kalligraphie, calligraphie Video


Calligraphy story instructions Sorry in German
DE-Video 11 Minuten Lang, DE-Video 11 minutes,
Schreibfeder Kalligraphie Geschichte, Liebeszauber Tinten Anleitung Witchtok,
Drachenbluttinte, Love Spell Tinte, Write Feather Medieval Calligraphy,
Scrivi di pennini con piume, Calligrafia medievale Video